The Tale Of My Purple and Red Striped Dress

I absolutely love thrifted/ vintage clothing finds. I love their uniqueness, I love hunting for them, I love wondering where they have come from and how they came to find me. Most of all I love taking a piece and making it over to give it a new lease on life as part of my wardrobe.

I found this dress at the Toronto Vintage Clothing Show (heaven on earth in my opinion), it was an absolute steal at $5.00 and I knew it would be any easy makeover, and seriously check out the potential of this dress!


The length of the skirt and sleeves was a bit on the frumpy side, as such they were the first to go under the scissors. Nothing like a quick hemming job to update a piece.








Once shortened I set to work adding a collar, because really what self-respecting dress would be seen without one.  Don’t you think the before picture looks like it is missing something?

* Sidenote I am in love with the label on this dress, it’s just so cute! *


Luckily I had lots of material to make a collar once I snipped some inches off of the skirt.





Adding a collar to the dress was easy. I just had to open up the seam, slip the collar I made inside and stitch it back up. Sometimes I feel like a plastic surgeon for clothes.



I’m really happy with end result of this dress, and that of course means photo shoot of the finished product!


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