Mini Furniture Makeover

It turns out that when your building is under continuous siege by fire alarm relocating to the local coffee shop is a great way to break out of the absentee blog posting. What did we do before free wifi?

We have had these mini furniture projects on the go for awhile, longer than we care to admit – but they are finally completed and ready for their moment in the spotlight.

When we saw these on a shelf at the thrift store they looked so sad and neglected, but we knew they just needed some love. Furniture comes in all sizes and we are not ones to discriminate.

green box before collage

Grey box before collage

They weren’t very pretty, but they had good bones and we could see the potential.
Following their re-location to our condo they were subjected to the usual treatment: a good sand, a fresh coat of paint, and a “re-upholstering” of the interiors.
Jewellery box in progress collage

 We put them back together again and what a difference! They provide the perfect new home for our jewelry and look cute doing it.

Jewellery box green final collage Jewellery box green final front collage

The lid of the now grey box was missing it’s mirror, so Sarah drew a feather to fit in its place instead. The feather adds a bit of whimsy to lighten up the overall look of this box and makes it extra original. 

Grey box final closed collageGrey box final open collage