Fancy Patio Table

I wish I could remember why I felt the need to buy this table. I remember being in Value Village and I remember not wanting to leave it behind but why exactly who knows.


That was nearly a year ago, I only remember the exact date because it was my birthday and I was thrift store shopping to celebrate.

Since it’s purchase this table has led a precarious existence, mostly balancing our drinks. During this time we managed to spray paint the top of it white which improved the original laminate wood top slightly. But we weren’t just going to settle for a paint job.

We thought we could make use of the no longer accepted penny, but it just did not work out.


IMG_1435                    IMG_1437


The pennies just weren’t fitting on there properly so we just ended up with a lot of clean shiny pennies (FYI: Coke does a great job cleaning up pennies). After the failed penny attempt (long after) inspiration finally struck.

patio side table 2 (2)

This is wrapping paper. I got it from Winners, it is the best wrapping paper I have ever bought, it cuts like a dream. All we did was mod podge it onto the top of the table. We added a layer of varatheyne to give it some durability, and now so much prettier!

patio side table copy


It makes the perfect outdoor side table and is small enough to fit on our narrow condo balcony. Now it balances our drinks and looks pretty doing it.


DIY Cake Stand

This is an easy but elegant DIY project.  Great for displaying your baked goodies or even just the store bought kind!  All you need is a candle holder you are not using anymore and a pretty plate.  On a trip to the thrift store we picked up these great finds that worked perfectly to achieve the look we wanted.

DIY cake platter 003

DIY cake platter 005

A little hot glue gun action and you have your very own unique cake stand.

DIY cake platter 007

And then muffins will magically appear!

DIY cake platter 017


While struggling through our post-Thanksgiving blues and trying desperately to find something to occupy ourselves we realized that it would be fitting time for our first blog post. Having gone all out in the DIY décor department we decided why not share our endeavors with all the soon to be followers of our soon to be great blogging effort.

Welcome to Thanksgiving dinner!

Thanksgiving table

….but let’s rewind a bit and breakdown our table-scaping.


The centre piece is always the main focal point of any festive table, we incorporated pillar candles, handmade maple leaf roses, and painted acorns. We used elements from nature to emulate the spirit of fall and create our lavish centre piece. Simple yet impressive.

Leaf roses

The handmade roses added some rustic elegance to our arrangement by incorporating all of the fall colours. Each rose is unique because of the different colour combinations of the leaves.  They look intricate but they are actually really easy and fun to make! The hardest part is finding maple leaves when you need them. I found this awesome idea from Design Sponge and you can find the whole tutorial there as well.  I opted not to make the stem on mine so that they would be able to poke in among the candles of our centre piece.


We have a new appreciation for acorns after being inspired by the painted acorns featured in Mod Podge Rocks Blog. Once again the hardest part was collecting the acorns, and not just any old acorn, but quality ones of a good size. Hours were spent foraging at the base of oak trees, but our hard work did pay off in the end.


Most of the acorns we painted red, yellow, and orange, but some we opted to leave natural because they were just as pretty that way.  We topped them all off with a coat of Mod Podge super gloss to add a bit of brilliance and dazzle.

Leaf place name Bill

The super gloss was used once again on the bigger leaves which were to be used as everyone’s place cards. Once the gloss dried we simply wrote on them with black sharpie and voila! Easy and seasonal place cards for our festive table.

Our favourite part about this years Thanksgiving decorating was bringing so much of the outside inside. Fall is such a beautiful season with so many brilliant colours it’s a shame to leave it all outside, don’t you think? Added bonus, it cost next to nothing to do!