Fancy Patio Table

I wish I could remember why I felt the need to buy this table. I remember being in Value Village and I remember not wanting to leave it behind but why exactly who knows.


That was nearly a year ago, I only remember the exact date because it was my birthday and I was thrift store shopping to celebrate.

Since it’s purchase this table has led a precarious existence, mostly balancing our drinks. During this time we managed to spray paint the top of it white which improved the original laminate wood top slightly. But we weren’t just going to settle for a paint job.

We thought we could make use of the no longer accepted penny, but it just did not work out.


IMG_1435                    IMG_1437


The pennies just weren’t fitting on there properly so we just ended up with a lot of clean shiny pennies (FYI: Coke does a great job cleaning up pennies). After the failed penny attempt (long after) inspiration finally struck.

patio side table 2 (2)

This is wrapping paper. I got it from Winners, it is the best wrapping paper I have ever bought, it cuts like a dream. All we did was mod podge it onto the top of the table. We added a layer of varatheyne to give it some durability, and now so much prettier!

patio side table copy


It makes the perfect outdoor side table and is small enough to fit on our narrow condo balcony. Now it balances our drinks and looks pretty doing it.


Rock On

We found this awesome rocking chair a few months ago, on the same night we picked up this little side table.


It was a very successful evening for furniture rescues. We also found a set of four vinyl chairs which are patiently waiting for their makeover for an upcoming blog entry…

The former owners of this rocker were moving and we can only assume had no use for this so we picked it up and immediately went to work on making it over.

By immediately we of course mean it sat in our storage locker for a month or two, or four….

Nonetheless here is the surprisingly easy makeover for the little chair that could.

Side note this may be the first and last chair makeover as painting the rungs on this chair was just not very fun.

The hardest part was still recovering the seat, or rather pulling the old fabric off. Minor injuries may have been sustained pulling out the numerous staples on the seat of the chair but lesson learned: always use proper tools and non-slip surfaces when removing staples.



Choosing the fabric of the chair was easy, once we discovered the clearance section of Fabricland that is. Added bonus; since we fully overestimated the amount of fabric we would need there is lots of leftover for future projects!

With the help of our Dad’s staple gun we finished re-covering the seat and fitted it back into place.

The finished product is bright, cheerful and ready to rock on.





Mini Furniture Makeover

It turns out that when your building is under continuous siege by fire alarm relocating to the local coffee shop is a great way to break out of the absentee blog posting. What did we do before free wifi?

We have had these mini furniture projects on the go for awhile, longer than we care to admit – but they are finally completed and ready for their moment in the spotlight.

When we saw these on a shelf at the thrift store they looked so sad and neglected, but we knew they just needed some love. Furniture comes in all sizes and we are not ones to discriminate.

green box before collage

Grey box before collage

They weren’t very pretty, but they had good bones and we could see the potential.
Following their re-location to our condo they were subjected to the usual treatment: a good sand, a fresh coat of paint, and a “re-upholstering” of the interiors.
Jewellery box in progress collage

 We put them back together again and what a difference! They provide the perfect new home for our jewelry and look cute doing it.

Jewellery box green final collage Jewellery box green final front collage

The lid of the now grey box was missing it’s mirror, so Sarah drew a feather to fit in its place instead. The feather adds a bit of whimsy to lighten up the overall look of this box and makes it extra original. 

Grey box final closed collageGrey box final open collage


A Bright Mini Table Makeover!

Here is another side table over haul.  Doing a smaller piece of furniture when you are just starting out in revamping older pieces is definitely a good idea. It doesn’t take as much time to make an impact and you learn lots along the way.

Its important to clean the piece first.  That may mean using some elbow grease.  This table definitely needed a little TLC.  Murphy’s Oil is your best bet when doing this because it cleans the wood safely and effectively

old tableolder drawer

The side table felt like it may suit a child or a young adults bedroom so we decided to go for a bold, bright, fun colour.  Some tips when picking your colour.  First have an idea of what colour palette you may want to go with before heading to the store.  We all know there are so many possibilities out there today!  But if you don’t want to peruse for ages, have an idea of what you’d like to see, otherwise it can be very overwhelming when trying to decide.

Second pick up some colour swatches at the store for possible choices. If you are like  my sisters and I, we  tend to get distracted by  all the colour options.   At least we ended up taking home some  swatches for future projects.


We ended up choosing a  latex interior furniture paint by Para in sea grass found at Lowes. After a lot of sanding because of the poor paint job done previously, this beautiful colour was applied.  This  paint really worked well for the project!

bright table and xmas crafting 015

And of course the drawer had to be beautified as well.  This wall paper we found at a discount store.  It adds a bit of a country feel, but I also think it complements the whole look of the table.  Lets not forget to mention this updated knob we found.  Also at Lowes on sale!  Its great when you actually find something that will work…. and its on sale!

bright table and xmas crafting 018bright table and xmas crafting 016

This bright tropical colour has helped to chase my winter blues away!….

For now!

The Revamp Of The Dingy Brown Table

We could hardly believe our luck when we came across this little gem. Can you believe its former owner was able to part with it?

I mean, the potential in this piece is immeasurable, it just takes a savvy eye to see what this could become.
Once the remnants of the old finish had been sanded off it was time for the makeover to begin!
Now this piece is ready for it’s close up. A new coat of paint, wallpaper and a new drawer pull all contributed to a successful makeover.
The added bonus of this project was learning how to wallpaper, we are in love with how it adds a touch of elegance to this.  This wallpaper will definitely be showing up in future projects, and not just because we have a whole roll of it leftover!
 See what we mean about potential? Is there anything greater than finding the pretty in a discarded piece of furniture?